Save on fees,
not on performance

Everything we do is geared towards helping you pay less so your investment grows more. Right now, it will cost you only R68 to save R1 000 towards your investment in the first year. Plus our fees are super-simple – the only number to remember is 0.58%


Management fee

With no hidden fees or lock-ins, our total management fees are only 0.58% – among the lowest in the industry and at least 1% below similar portfolios.


Advice fee

Investing with us online gets you a digital advisor and expert guidance absolutely free. That's an extra saving that goes straight into your investment.


Platform admin fee

We're totally transparent about our pricing. There are no platform admin fees, so you get hassle-free investing while saving another 0.5% in costs.

Want an extra R1 million in your investment?

No, it's not too good to be true. Investing with us via Extraordinary Life will save you 2 % on average compared to most competitors. This sounds small, but the savings compound over time and add massive amounts to your investment.

Work out how much you’ll save, and therefore make when investing with Extraordinary Life.

If you invest a month for 30 years.
Over time, those savings will grow,
giving you an extra R1 006 493 return on your investment.

The projections are forecasts of future values and are not guaranteed. They are based on the expected returns of a combination of asset classes which are calculated by analysing the historical behaviour of each asset class. The projections cannot fully account for the impact that market and other factors may have on the performance of an actual unit trust fund.

R3 726 990

Our 0.58% fee

R2 720 497

Competitor 2% fee

The after inflation value of R1 500 contribution per month for 30 years earning 6% real return per year.

Source: Nedgroup Investments